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Grants Awarded

  • Officers Elected for ASA Commissions

    5/2/2019:The Arkansas State Archives is pleased to announce the 2019 elected officers for the Black History Commission of Arkansas and the Arkansas History Commission.

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  • Black History Commission Presents ‘The Elaine Massacre: 100 Years Later’

    4/25/2019:The Black History Commission of Arkansas, in conjunction with the Arkansas State Archives, will present a free, half-day symposium on the Elaine Massacre of 1919 from 9:45 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Saturday, June 1, at the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center.

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  • Asa Richmond-Charlotte Stephens Marker project

    5/5/2011:Jan Hearn Davenport and Jajuan Johnson, $3,000.00

    This project will mark the graves of Asa Richmond and Charlotte Stephens in Little Rock.

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  • Freedom House Historical Marker and Dedication project

    5/5/2011:Peter Perschbacher, $2,830.00

    This project will result in dedication of a historical marker at the site where the Freedom House once stood in Pine Bluff.

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  • Photos and Archives Preservation project

    5/5/2011:National Alumni Association of Arkansas Baptist College, $2,500.00

    This project will provide for collecting, preserving, and displaying historical materials related to the school.

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  • Pilgrim Cemetery Preservation project

    5/5/2011:Pilgrim Cemetery Preservation Association, $1,159.76

    This project will place footstones to document historic unmarked graves in the Conway County cemetery.

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  • History of Black Baptists in Arkansas: 1840-1860 project

    5/5/2011:Lillie W. Mouton Public Foundation, $2,860.00

    This project will generate research about African Americans in antebellum Arkansas.

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  • Friendship Cemetery Unknown Marker Project

    11/5/2010:Hot Springs Historic Friendship Cemetery Preservation Association, $3,500.00.

    The project's goal is to identify and document individuals interred at Friendship Cemetery; locate and identify unknown graves by seeking the help of the community and local funeral homes; provide temporary makers at unmarked graves; and refurbish the cemetery.

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  • Arkansas African American History Makers Coloring Book

    11/5/2010:Arkansas Martin Luther King Commission, $3,500.00.

    The project's goal is to print "The Arkansas African American History Makers Coloring Book," 3rd edition, featuring African Americans important in Arkansas history.

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  • Arkansas Black Hall of Fame Distinguished Laureate Performance Series

    11/5/2010:Arkansas Black Hall of Fame, $3,500.00.

    The Arkansas Black Hall of Fame will present the Distinguished Laureate Performance Series, which allows inductees to showcase their talents in presentations such as lectures, workshops, seminars, and concerts.

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  • African American Funeral Homes: The Final Emancipation, Miller Funeral Home

    11/5/2010:Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society, Arkansas Chapter, $3,500.00.

    The project would preserve the records of the Miller Funeral Home of Little Rock, through inventorying the records, and scanning and transcription of documents. A history of the funeral home would also be produced.

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  • Historical Marker Honoring J.C. Corbin

    8/5/2010:University Museum and Cultural Center, UAPB

    A historical marker honoring Joseph Carter Corbin, founder and first principal of Branch Normal College (now UAPB) in Pine Bluff, will be placed in front of Caldwell Hall along North University Drive.

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  • Life and Legacy of Mrs. Josephine Pankey

    5/20/2010:Friends of Josephine Pankey, $3,500.00.

    This project will include collecting oral histories and other research information for compilation into a book on the life of Mrs. Pankey and the significance of the Pankey family in Arkansas history.

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  • The Three As: African, American, and Arkansas: Our History, Our Heritage

    2/18/2010:Washington Heritage House, $2,525.00.

    The project's goal is to demonstrate the connection between Africa, America, and Arkansas through lectures by prominent educators, musicians, legislators, community leaders, and family who devote their expertise to the Washington Heritage House.

  • Celebrating Arkansas African American Writers and Publishers

    2/18/2010:Patrick Oliver, $3,350.00.

    The project will highlight the accomplishments of noted Arkansas African Americans, past and present, in various writing and publishing professions, through public programs such as panel discussions, workshops, readings, radio interviews, etc., and the development of lesson plans.

  • Civil Rights in Arkansas: Reconstruction to Present

    2/18/2010:Mosaic Templars Cultural Center $3,169.52.

    The Mosaic Templars Cultural Center will create a traveling exhibit and educational materials on the civil rights movement in Arkansas from Reconstruction to the present as it pertains to African Americans, using a scholars panel, an education focus group, public relations/advertising, supplies and research.

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  • Reversing the Trend: Know the Past, Live Your Future

    2/18/2010:Inner City FutureNet, $3,335.00.

    Inner City FutureNet (ICFN) will plan a program to teach youth, grades K-12, the heritage and history of their family and neighbors in the Centennial Park community, emphasizing the importance of genealogy and oral history, and to develop educational programs on community history.