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Past Grants Awarded by the Curtis H. Sykes Memorial Grant Program


Reversing the Trend: Know the Past, Live Your Future

2/18/2010: Inner City FutureNet, $3,335

Inner City FutureNet (ICFN) will plan a program to teach youth, grades K-12, the heritage and history of their family and neighbors in the Centennial Park community, emphasizing the importance of genealogy and oral history, and to develop educational programs on community history.

Civil Rights in Arkansas: Reconstruction to Present

2/18/2010: Mosaic Templars Cultural Center $3,169.52

The Mosaic Templars Cultural Center will create a traveling exhibit and educational materials on the civil rights movement in Arkansas from Reconstruction to the present as it pertains to African Americans, using a scholars panel, an education focus group, public relations/advertising, supplies and research.

Celebrating Arkansas African American Writers and Publishers

2/18/2010: Patrick Oliver, $3,350

The project will highlight the accomplishments of noted Arkansas African Americans, past and present, in various writing and publishing professions, through public programs such as panel discussions, workshops, readings, radio interviews, etc., and the development of lesson plans.

Life and Legacy of Mrs. Josephine Pankey

5/20/2010: Friends of Josephine Pankey, $3,500

This project will include collecting oral histories and other research information for compilation into a book on the life of Mrs. Pankey and the significance of the Pankey family in Arkansas history.

Historical Marker Honoring J.C. Corbin

8/5/2010: University Museum and Cultural Center, UAPB

A historical marker honoring Joseph Carter Corbin, founder and first principal of Branch Normal College (now UAPB) in Pine Bluff, will be placed in front of Caldwell Hall along North University Drive.

African American Funeral Homes: The Final Emancipation, Miller Funeral Home

11/5/2010: Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society, Arkansas Chapter, $3,500

The project would preserve the records of the Miller Funeral Home of Little Rock, through inventorying the records, and scanning and transcription of documents. A history of the funeral home would also be produced.

Arkansas Black Hall of Fame Distinguished Laureate Performance Series

11/5/2010: Arkansas Black Hall of Fame, $3,500

The Arkansas Black Hall of Fame will present the Distinguished Laureate Performance Series, which allows inductees to showcase their talents in presentations such as lectures, workshops, seminars, and concerts

Arkansas African American History Makers Coloring Book

11/5/2010: Arkansas Martin Luther King Commission, $3,500

The project's goal is to print "The Arkansas African American History Makers Coloring Book," 3rd edition, featuring African Americans important in Arkansas history.

Friendship Cemetery Unknown Marker Project

11/5/2010: Hot Springs Historic Friendship Cemetery Preservation Association, $3,500

The project's goal is to identify and document individuals interred at Friendship Cemetery; locate and identify unknown graves by seeking the help of the community and local funeral homes; provide temporary makers at unmarked graves; and refurbish the cemetery.

History of Black Baptists in Arkansas: 1840-1860 project

5/5/2011: Lillie W. Mouton Public Foundation, $2,860

This project will generate research about African Americans in antebellum Arkansas.

Pilgrim Cemetery Preservation Project

5/5/2011: Pilgrim Cemetery Preservation Assocation, $1,159

This project will place footstones to document historic unmarked graves in the Conway County cemetery.

Photos and Archives Preservation Project

5/5/2011: National Alumni Association of Arkansas Baptist College, $2,500

This project will provide for collecting, preserving, and displaying historical materials related to the school.

Freedom House Historical Marker and Dedication Project

5/5/2011: Peter Perschbacher, $2,830

This project will result in dedication of a historical marker at the site where the Freedom House once stood in Pine Bluff.

Asa Richmond-Charlotte Stephens Marker Projects

5/5/2011: Jan Hearn Davenport and Jajuan Johnson, $3,000

This project will mark the graves of Asa Richmond and Charlotte Stephens in Little Rock.

Arkansas Black History Quiz Bowl

12/10/2013: Arkansas Black History Quiz Bowl Association, $2,500.00.

This project included funding for activities associated with the Quiz Bowl, a question-and-answer game of general knowledge and quick recall based on African American history, part of ongoing efforts to heighten awareness of contributions made by African Americans in the development of world history and culture.

Clybourne Park at Arkansas Repertory Theatre

1/9/2014: Arkansas Repertory Theatre, $1,500.00.

Project will provide educational and outreach programming for students and teachers in Arkansas.

Juneteenth Festival

5/27/2014: 2nd Chance @ Life/ Juneteenth Committee, $2,500.00.

Project is centered on Civil Rights and the complete struggle of African Americans and whites alike that died for our freedom from civil war era till present day.

A study of African-American Candidates Filing for Public Office in Hot Springs, AR between 1954-2010

5/27/2014: NAACP Unit 6013, $3,500.00.

Project will inform those who lack knowledge about local politics; encourage interested and qualified person to serve their community by filing for public office; show appreciation for those who tried to serve and did serve their community; to imbue pride in self and race while working to erase racism and to give credence to the NAACP in its struggle for justice and equality for all people.

Interracial Interaction: The Southern Tenant Farmers' Union and the Great Depression

5/27/2014: Arkansas State University Delta STEM Education Center, $3,500.00.

Project will be condensed into a one day learning and teaching experience to be held at the Southern Tenant Farmers Union Museum at Tyronza, Arkansas for 15 teachers of social studies, science, or mathematics.  This well designed and richly stocked museum brings together much of what teachers need to know about three elements in the great precursor of Civil Rights movement that challenged head on racism in the southern  plantation system.

Haven of Rest Cemetery, Little Rock, Arkansas 1901-present

5/27/2014: Friends of Haven of Rest Cemetery, Inc., $3,500.00.

Project will create an illustrative map that highlights the history of Haven Rest Cemetery and honors its many inhabitants.

An Inventory of Memorabilia at the Daisy Bates House

5/27/2014: L.C. & Daisy Bates House, $3,500.00.

The project's goal is to identify and tag each and every fixed/loose item, including (but not limited to) portable furniture, light fixtures and various accessories for the primarily purpose of establishing a historic archival record of the house contents.

Contributions of Post-Civil War African American Pioneer Families in Washington County

5/27/2014: Washington County Historical Society, $3,500.00.

Lincoln Echo Digital Archives

August 7, 2014: Fort Smith Historical Society, $3,308.00.

This project goal is to provide a digital collection of all issues of the 21 year old Lincoln Echo an African American newspaper published in Fort Smith Arkansas.

Malvern Past and Present

November 13, 2014: Friends of Wilson Restoration, $3,500.00.

The Project goal is to produce a comprehensive historical document of Malvern and Wilson High School families

Bold Pilgrim Cemetery Memorial Marker

November 13, 2014: Bold Pilgrim Cemetery Preservation Association, $3,190.

The project goal is to design and install a memorial marker that will include names of all known people buried within the borders of Bold Pilgrim Cemetery.

His Birdseye View: H.J. Lewis' Arkansas Years, 1866-1888

November 13, 2014: Garland Martin Taylor, $3,500.00.

The project goal is to will refine our share public knowledge of Lewis personal life, but it will illuminate circumstances that gave birth to America's first Black political Cartoonist.

Arkansas Black History Quiz Bowl

2/6/2015: Arkansas Black History Quiz Bowl Association, $1,500.00.

This project included funding for activities associated with the Quiz Bowl, a question-and-answer game of general knowledge and quick recall based on African American history, part of ongoing efforts to heighten awareness of contributions made by African Americans in the development of world history and culture.

Arkansas Black Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Book

3/27/2015: Arkansas Black Hall of Fame Foundation, $3,500.00

The project goal is produce a book of portraits, pictures, and biographies of 144 Black Arkansas inducted into the Black Hall of Fame.

Seminary: The Under-told Story

4/16/ 2015 New Seminary A.M.E. Church, 3,500.00

The project goal is to educate the African American community of Stephens, AR and others about the rich heritage and history of Seminary Arkansas.

Dr. Henry Thibault Medical Records of Afro-Americans during 1800-1920s

5/ 21/ 2015 Afro-American Historical & Genealogical Society, Inc., Arkansas Chapter, $3500

The project goal is to provide vital information for persons researching their family trees.

The 5th Annual Juneteenth Festival

5/21/15 Benito Glosson $2,000.00

The project goal is to educate individual on the importance and history of Juneteenth.

Juneteenth Community Commission (Pine Bluff)

5/21/15 Juneteenth Community Commission $3,500.00

The project goal is to rejuvenate the spirit of African American to inspire academic excellence and community pride.

John L. Webb House: Conditional Assessment Report

5/21/15 P.H.O.E.B.E $2,968.00

This project will produce a condition assessment report and concept design for the John Lee Webb house at 403 Pleasant Street historic district, Hot Springs, Arkansas. This report shows how the Webb house can be updated in order to conform to the City of Hot Springs housing codes, while maintaining its historic integrity.

Ralph Bunch Memorial Project

5/21/15 Ralph Bunch Neighborhood Association $3,500.00

The project goal is to show the impact Ralph Bunche has had on the community in Benton, Arkansas.

Moving Cemetery Preservation into the 21st Century with the Online Experience

5/21/15 Preservation African American Cemeteries $3,500.00

Haven of Rest Cemetery, Little Rock, Arkansas A Century of History

07/01/2015: Friends of Haven of Rest Cemetery, Inc., $3,500.00.

Project will create an illustrative map that highlights the history of Haven Rest Cemetery and honors its many inhabitants.

Poe Family DNA Project

6/12/15 Poe Family DNA Project, $2,185.00

The project goal is to help establish familial relationships by scientific methods. This project will also broaden the knowledge of the people and History of the African American community in Arkansas.

Learning Who and Whose We Are Through Reading

6/12/15 Washington Heritage House $2,350.00

The project goal is to help youth to develop excellent study and work habits, along with taking great pride into knowing their historical contributions to the world.

A Soldier’s Heart: From the Philippines to Arkansas

6/12/15 Michelle Hamilton Rhodes $2,788.00

The project goal is to restore letters, photographs and others papers of a well know family from Desha, Clark and Nevada counties in Arkansas.

Jocelyn Coloring Book

6/12/15 Blessings Safehaven $1,575.00

The project goal is to build character development in Arkansas youth by providing hands on material about a well-rounded Arkansan.

The Challenger

5/27/2014: NAACP Writing Project Commission, $3,500.00.

This Project will produce book on how 63 African Americans challenged the political, social and economic system of the small southern municipality.

Josephine Pankey Project A

08/06/2015: Pankey Community Improvement Association, $3500.00

The project goal is to design and install a memorial marker that will allow Pankey residents and other Arkansans to become aware of Pankey legacy.

Paul Laurence Dunbar Historic Neighborhood Marker Project

08/06/2015: Paul Laurence Dunbar Community Festival, $3,500.00. The project goal is to design and install a memorial marker that will identify community history.

Songs of Hope and Inspiration: Spirituals and Their Hidden Meanings

08/07/2015: South Sebastian County Historical Society, $2558.00

This project will produce a book with encoded messages of African American spirituals.

Bold Pilgrims: Preserving the Legacy Version 2

8/8/2015: Bold Pilgrim Cemetery Association, $3,229.93

The project goal is to produce a Pictorial Catalog of the African Americans interred in Bold Pilgrim Cemetery

Contributions of Post-Civil War African American Pioneer Families in Washington County

10/02/2015: Washington County Historical Society, $3,500.00>

"I've Been Working on the Railroad" Oral History Project

02/18/2016: Conway county Historical Society Preservation Association, $3146.82

This project will produce a DVD of oral histories from railroad workers and family members to document the employment history, as well as document the lives and times and of the families and communities affected in Conway County.

Little River County training School Campus: Digitized Historical Documents/ Land Survey

05/26/2016: Little River Training School Alumni Association: $3500.00

This project will produce a bound copy of "Little River County Training School Historic District: Digitized Historical Documents and Certified Land Survey."

Preserving the Legacy of the Peake-Rosenwald School in Arkadelphia

05/26/2016: Peake Alumni Foundation: $3500.00<

The project will help publish "Preserving the Legacy of the Peake-Rosenwald Schools."

The Gus and Eunice Thompson Cultural Center

10/06/2016: Twin groves Neighborhood Economic Development Team, $2710.00

This Project will produce 13 panel displays that will be featured in the cultural center.

Historical Markers for Camden Pioneers

05/26/2016: African American Historical Commission of Camden AR: $3500.00

This project will erect historical markers commemorating Monroe Bowie Holmes and Beulah Woods Ivory.

The Architects of Jazz: Celebrating Arkansas African American Jazz Musicians

10/06/2016: Alex Foundation, $3479.15

The goal of the Architects of Jazz was to bring attention to the historical influence and importance of jazz music. The Architects of Jazz introduced jazz music in the classrooms of school districts in Dermott, Dumas, Lake Village and McGhee, Arkansas, and encouraged the use of lesson plans adapted from the Thelonious Monk Institute.

Restoration of Wilson High School Portraits

10/06/2016:Friends of Wilson Restoration, $3500

This Project will preserve the 13 remaining original portraits of the graduation classes 1953-1968 of Wilson High School.

Notes for Freedom: The Legacy of the Demery Family

02/09/2017: SARA Foundation $3500

Women of Courage and Leadership

02/09/2017: $3320.70

This project will introduce leadership training skills to young women to help them empower and engage them in political process for future opportunities.

Milton P. Crenshaw Aviation Training Academy Children's Book

02/09/2017: Milton P. Crenshaw Aviation Training, $3500

This project will produce a children’s book and companion cloud based work book that will tell the life of Dr. Milton P. Crenchaw and the Tuskegee Airman with the emphasis on Black Arkansans.

Our Past, Our Future, Our Communicators, Utilizing Life Skills to Document and Preserve History

02/09/2017: PAAC $3500

This project will consist of a  two-day youth mentoring workshop to give the youth an opportunity to develop knowledge in genealogy and cemetery preservation, and attend a writing workshop to expand their knowledge of publishing.

Celebrating Black History Month: Look What We Found (John Lee Webb European Tour Photographic Exhibit)

02/09/2017: P.H.O.E.B.E. $3427.02

The project will produce an Exhibit on the life of John Lee Webb. Webb, who was active in many social and civic organizations, was a prominent and influential figure in Arkansas.

African American Athletes in Arkansas History Book

02/09/2017: Darragh Foundation $3210

The project will produce a book that will commemorate Arkansas African American heritage through the lens of sports.

The Henry Clay Yerger High School Museum

02/09/2017: Henry Clay Yerger High School Museum Association $3500

This project will help preserve the history and legacy of Henry Clay Yerger High school in Hope Arkansas.

Arkansas Freedman Bureau Field Office Project

02/09/2017: Ouachita Baptist University Library $3465

This project will provide approximately 300 pages of transcribed documents from south Arkansas that would be made available on the internet in a full-text searchable format.

Clay Baylor Cemetery Marker and Dedication Project

08/10/2017: Kukua Institute: $3424.00

This project will produce a history marker to be place in the Clay Baylor Cemetery where of 200 African Americans are interred.

8 Year of Unforgettable History

08/10/2017: Carousel Fit-4-Life Wellness Center, $3500.00

This project publish a book that will highlight 8 Arkansas African American firsts.

J.C. Oliver Library Digital Archives Expansion

08/10/2017: J.C. Oliver Library $3318.96

This project to help expand and preserve the Archives at Arkansas Baptist College.

Celebrating Black History Month: Pleasant Street Voices Speak

08/10/2017: P.H.O.E.B.E. $3012.00

This project will tell the story of Pleasant Street Historic District in Hot Springs, AR.

Arkansas and the Elaine Massacre Project

02/08/2018: Butler Center of Arkansas Studies $3500

This Project will produce a 190-page book about the massacre at Elaine, Arkansas in 1919.

Friends of Haven and Rest Commemorative Marker

02/8/2018 Friends of Haven of Rest Cemetery INC $3500

This project will install a graveside marker to commemorate the 14 victims of the tragic Wrightsville Boys Industrial School fire (1959) 21 boys perished but 14 are interred together at Haven and rest in an unmarked grave.

Our Past, our future, Our Communicators

02/08/2018: Delta YES INC $3500.00

The conference attendees will have the opportunity over a two day period to view a screening of the 1994 award winning critically acclaimed documentary "Hoop Dreams." Agee (Chicago, IL) will facilitate a life skills curriculum involving facing challenges and life planning.The workshop will also consist of interactive sessions in genealogy, cemetery preservation, and a writing workshop which expands the knowledge of publishing.

African Americans Youth Table Talk: health and Wellness Workshop

02/08/2018: YARN INC. $2550.00

The workshop will be presented in a table-talk conversation format (divided by age appropriate groups). The table talk is a unique plan designed to encourage individual participants to become actively engaged in a dialogue exchange with the discussion Facilitator. Children 12 and older will identify ways to prevent, and/or respond to hostile and real life crisis: red flags, warning signs, human safety and protection; preventatives, crisis intervention and self-defense techniques. CDC will proved youth and their families with resources on understanding inappropriate behavior, bullying, harassment. Discussion at the workshop will also include human and sex trafficking, internet, cyber-crimes, child abuse, neglect and molestation, hate crimes- cultural and race relations, rape, drug and alcohol use and abuse, how to document and report offenses and the appropriate person / authorities. At the end of the workshop conversations, each individual will leave with a sense of personal awareness, equipped to prevent, protect r avoid and report a potential crisis encounter or other situations.