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Arkansas in the Great War

The Arkansas State Archives has partnered with Google Arts and Culture to create a three-part online exhibit exploring Arkansas's place in World War I. This exhibit presents rare, historical photographs and documents from the ASA's vast holdings to lead visitors through a unique visual experience that tells the story of Arkansans in the war.  The first part of the series examines Arkansas on the eve of war, and looks at how Arkansans pulled together to prepare for the time ahead.  The second part of the series explores what it was like for average Arkansans, being asked to make economic sacrifices at home in order to support the war effort, as well as how the Arkansas Council of Defense endeavored to reach out to women and African Americans to enlist them in the war effort. The final part of exhibit discusses the lives of ordinary German-born Arkansans and examine the impact that the war had on their lives. It also explores through letters the lives of Arkansans overseas as they faced the horrors of war, and delves into the impact that the war had on Arkansas society in the years immediately after the war.

Arkansas in the Great War, Part I: Mobilizing the State for War

Arkansas in the Great War, Part II: The War at Home

Arkansas in the Great War, Part III: In the Trenches