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    Arkansas History Videoconference Handout



    Some suggested research activities for children:

    1. Tour the state archives:  Research room, microfilming lab, conservation lab, exhibit, and for group of 10 or less, the archival storage vault.
    2. What was happening the day you were born?  The AHC has the largest collection of Arkansas newspapers in the state and 21 microfilm reader/printers.  Students can use our newspapers on microfilm to see what was happening in Little Rock, in Arkansas, in the U. S. and around the world on the day they were born.
    3. Find an Arkansan in census records.  The AHC has 10 patron access computers with access to  Choose an ancestor or noted Arkansas born before 1930.  (A list of Arkansas governors can be provided.)  Search for the person in census records (1880-1930) in Record (or print) information found in the census record.  This varies by census year. 
    4. Locate books in our Online Public Access Catalog or OPAC.  Search our online public access catalog for a book relating to Arkansas.  (A list of titles can be provided.)  Record the call number.  Locate the book in the stacks.  Make a copy of the record and/or title page.

    Copies at the AHC are made with copy cards.  The copy card cost $1.00 per card.  Content can be loaded on the card.  Copies are $.25 per copy page for microfilm, $.10-.15 per sheet for computers, $.10 per sheet for photocopiers.  We suggest the teacher load content on one card and pay for all of the copies made.  If there is a large group, multiple cards can be used.  A receipt can be provided the teacher for copies made for reimbursement purposes.