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The Arkansas State Archives houses approximately 13,000 cubic feet of state records and manuscript collections pertaining to the history of Arkansas and its people. These materials have been described and inventoried for ease of access. These inventories, called finding aids, are keyword searchable. You may also browse these finding aids alphabetically using the links below. Click the collection's title to view the finding aid.

Separated Materials:  Some archival collections contain materials that have been stored separately from the bulk of the collection due to those items' preservation needs. Generally, this affects collections that include artifacts that have been moved to the archives' museum collection, and the existence of artifacts in a collection has been noted in that collection's finding aid. Due to the nature of artifact and other separated materials, we require researchers to fill out an Artifact Access Form and send it in to, to schedule an appointment to view artifacts from the museum collection.  

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Collection Title: Bagley's Map of Little Rock, 1930

This volume contains detailed maps of city streets, subdivisions, lots, and blocks in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Collection Title: Baker, Jehu papers
Dates: 1852-1915

This collection contains correspondence, receipts, Illinois House bills, and compositions.

Collection Title: Baring Cross Baptist Church records
Dates: 1954-1962

This collection contains blueprints and instructions on the addition of a fire escape elevator to Baring Cross Baptist Church.

Collection Title: Baring Cross Bridge records
Dates: 1869-1901

This collection contains documents pertaining to the construction of the Baring Cross Bridge in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Collection Title: Bartels, Heinz-Joachim letters
Dates: 1944-1946

This collection consists of letters written by Heinz-Joachim Bartels while interned as a prisoner of war at Camp Joseph T. Robinson, Arkansas, during World War II.

Collection Title: Barton, Ira McLean military papers
Dates: 1864-1869

This collection contains the military papers of Lieutenant Ira McLean Barton including correspondence, business papers, and legal papers from 1864 to 1869. During this time Barton was stationed at Fort Gaines, District of Columbia, and Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

Collection Title: Barton, Ira McLean military papers, II
Dates: 1867-1869

This collection contains the military papers of Lieutenant Ira McLean Barton including correspondence, business papers, and legal papers from 1867 to 1869.

Collection Title: Batesville vs. Newport high school homecoming football game film footage

This collection is comprised of a 16mm film reel of a Batesville vs. Newport high school homecoming football game, ca. 1960s.

Collection Title: Battle of Corinth reminiscence

This collection contains the handwritten account of the Battle of Corinth, Mississippi, by a unknown company officer of the 1st Missouri Brigade.

Collection Title: Baxter, Elisha family Bible
Dates: 1855-1879

Elisha Baxter bought this Bible for his wife, Harriet M. Baxter, in 1855 at Memphis, Tennessee. It contains three pages of information about their children as well as his parents and siblings, a poem dated 1879 written by Elisha Baxter, and a youth hymnal.

Collection Title: Baxter, Elisha versus Sterling Tucker: Pulaski County circuit court

This collection contains documents pertaining to the lawsuit Elisha Baxter versus Sterling Tucker, et al. Included are the complaint and answer.

Collection Title: Bean-Wadsworth letters
Dates: 1892-1932

This collection consists of the letters of Helene Wadsworth Bean and Dr. Whitfield Brooks Bean, and letters of other family members, covering the time period from 1892 to 1932.

Collection Title: Beaumont, William Eustace papers
Dates: 1917-2016

This collection contains William Beaumont’s World War I diary and typed transcript from December 8, 1917 to March 1919, covering a time span from when Beaumont left for basic training through the 247th Aero Squadron's demobilization. It also holds newspaper clippings, Beaumont genealogical information, correspondence, as well as photographs of William and Mary Beaumont.
William Eustace Beaumont was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, on November 22, 1894, to Luther and Sophie Beaumont. He married Mary Elizabeth Hocott of Woodruff County, Arkansas, the daughter of Barbara and Joseph Hocott, on September 23, 1920. William was in the Army Air Corps in the 247th Aero Squadron during World War I. During his military career, he was stationed in England and France. William and Mary Beaumont graduated from the University of Arkansas School of Law at the same time and both were admitted to practice law together. The Beaumonts became known as the first married couple to be admitted to the bar by the Arkansas Supreme Court at the same time.
Donated by Karoline Anne Beaumont-Rook in 2016.
Beaumont, William Eustace papers, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.

Collection Title: Beebe, Governor Mike, Archives Month Proclamation

This collection contains a proclamation signed by Governor Mike Beebe, on August 27, 2014, proclaiming October 2014 Arkansas Archives Month. He encouraged citizens to explore the wealth of information housed in Arkansas' archival repositories. American Archives Month began as a way to raise awareness of archival repositories throughout the United States. Annually held in October, the commemorative event functions as a way to help educate the public and resource providers about the work performed by archivists, the historical significance of materials they collect and preserve, and the profession’s standards.
Beebe, Governor Mike Proclamation, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas

Collection Title: Beebe, Roswell estate documents
Dates: 1837-1865

This collection contains documents from Roswell Beebe's estate compiled by D.L. Phillips in an attempt to trace the history of the Cairo and Fulton Railroad. The documents include property descriptions, probate court records, and a land patent.

Collection Title: Belcher, James land patent

The land patent issued to James Belcher is for land in Arkansas County, Section 27, Township 4 South, Range 4 West.

Collection Title: Belding, George R. letter

This letter is from George R. Belding, secretary of the Arkansas State Fair Association, to State Senator F.F. Freeman.

Collection Title: Ben McGehee Hotel memorabilia
Dates: 1933-1941

The Ben McGehee Hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas, was designed by the architect Julian Davidson and owned by Benjamin Collins McGehee, a contractor, who built it in 1930. This building was sixteen stories high, and was the tallest structure in Arkansas until 1960. McGehee Hotel was demolished on February 17, 1980, making way for the construction of the Excelsior Hotel and the Statehouse Convention Center. This collection contains memorabilia from the Ben McGehee Hotel and a letter from a man named Ernest to his ‘sweetheart’ on Ben McGehee Hotel stationary.
Donated by Amanda L. Paige, Little Rock, Arkansas.
Ben McGehee Hotel memorabilia, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.

Collection Title: Benn family Bible

This collection contains one family Bible from the A.C. and C.M. Benn family, 1886.

Collection Title: Ben T. Embry Camp #977, United Confederate Veterans records
Dates: 1902-1941

This collection contains records, membership lists, minutes of meetings, committee reports, general orders, clippings, obituaries, and published material. It also contains the 1903 organizational record of the John R. Homer Scott Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy.

Collection Title: Bentonville, Arkansas, railroad agreement

This agreement was made between the Railroad Committee of Bentonville, Arkansas, and the Arkansas and Oklahoma Railroad Company in 1898.

Collection Title: Berg, Wilhelm papers

This collection consists of the papers, books, periodicals, catalogs, et cetera, of Wilhelm Berg of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Collection Title: "Bernie Babcock: An Appreciation," author unknown

This collection contains a copy of publicity text, entitled "Bernie Babcock: an appreciation" for Bernie Babcock's Booth and the Spirit of Lincoln, circa 1925.

Collection Title: Berry-Hartin family papers
Dates: 1856-1896

This collection contains deeds, tax receipts, and other legal papers of the Hartin and Berry families from St. Francis and Woodruff counties in Arkansas.

Collection Title: Berry, James H. and Simon P. Hughes outgoing correspondence
Dates: 1883-1885

This collection contains a letterbook of outgoing correspondence from James H. Berry and Simon P. Hughes between 1883 and 1885.

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