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The Arkansas State Archives houses approximately 13,000 cubic feet of state records and manuscript collections pertaining to the history of Arkansas and its people. These materials have been described and inventoried for ease of access. These inventories, called finding aids, are keyword searchable. You may also browse these finding aids alphabetically using the links below. Click the collection's title to view the finding aid.

Notice: Updates are currently being made to the ASA's archival collection finding aids. The Archival Collections Search/Browse function may not return all pertinent collections until after updates are completed.

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Collection Title: Saline County surveyor's book
Dates: 1855-1862

This collection contains one ledger with the records of the Saline County surveyor's office from the years 1855-1862.

Collection Title: Sallee, Lycurgus A. papers
Dates: 1863-1937

This collection contains correspondence and a scrapbook, and includes items from the Civil War and 1911 Confederate Veterans Reunion in Little Rock.

Collection Title: Salt springs records
Dates: 1832-1842

This collection contains documents such as deeds, leases, and bonds, related to the leasing of the salt springs in Arkansas.

Collection Title: Savage, James estate appraisement bill

This appraisment bill was for the estate of James Savage.

Collection Title: Saylors, John C. letter

This letter written by John C. Saylors informs Governor James S. Conway of the resignation of James F. Smalley.

Collection Title: Scarlett-Bullock family papers
Dates: 1897-1974

This collection contains papers from both the Scarlett and Bullock families, including newsclippings, legal papers and deeds, family correspondence, personal writings, family and autobiographical notes, and family memorabilia.

Collection Title: Schader family papers
Dates: 1831-1969

This collection contains correspondence, legal records, financial papers, and grocery business records of the Joseph Conrad Schader family of Little Rock.

Collection Title: Schader, Fred papers
Dates: 1897-1939

This collection contains materials concerning Fred Schader's activities, particularly as Sheriff/Tax Collector, with the Traveler's Protective Association, and as a wholesale grocer.

Collection Title: Schmitz, William James copybook
Dates: 1843-1846

This copybook belonged to William James Schmitz and was used to practice his penmanship.

Collection Title: School District Number 93 letter

This letter instructs R.H. Hawkins to close School District Number 93 due to a whooping cough outbreak.

Collection Title: Scott, Andrew letter

This letter was written by Andrew Scott to his wife, Eliza, a few days before he fought and killed Joseph Selden in a duel. Scott wrote the letter to be read upon his death, in the event he did not survive the duel.

Collection Title: Scott, C.C. papers
Dates: 1813-1859

This collection contains correspondence, legal papers, and receipts of C.C. Scott, as well as a speech, a memorandum book, and broadsides.

Collection Title: Scott, George family Bible
Dates: 1914-1923

This Bible contains family information, including a list of family members and dates.

Collection Title: Scott, John R. Homer papers
Dates: 1860-1874

This collection contains correspondence and other miscellaneous materials encouraging John R. Homer Scott to run for a vacancy in the Arkansas General Assembly.

Collection Title: Scott Plantation photograph collection

Located in Scott, Arkansas, along the Pulaski and Lonoke county line, Scott Plantation Settlement was originally owed by Chester Ashley, a prominent figure during the territorial and early statehood years of Arkansas. The property was later purchased by Arthur Alexander, whose daughter Virginia Alexander donated the land. Today the eight acres of the Scott Plantation Settlement is a plantation and agriculture museum. This collection consists of 18 photographs and 12 black and white 2 ¼ x 2 ¼ square roll film negatives of Scott Plantation.
Scott Plantation photograph collection, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas
Martin L. Fox III, Conway, Arkansas, 2015

Collection Title: Scott, Samuel B. land warrant

This land warrant was given to Samuel B. Scott by the United States of America for his service in the War of 1812.

Collection Title: Scull family papers
Dates: 1915-1962

This collection contains correspondence, biographical notes, legal documents, and printed materials related to the Ben H. and the Ben H.J. Scull families of Pine Bluff, Jefferson County, Arkansas.

Collection Title: Scull, James letter

This letter written by James Scull is a first-hand account of the duel between John Wilson and Joseph J. Anthony on the floor of the Arkansas House of Representatives.

Collection Title: Searcy County tax records

This collection contains the tax records of Searcy County at the time of the establishment of the State of Arkansas.

Collection Title: Seaton, G.W. letter

This letter was written by George W. Seaton to his children shortly after moving to Lonoke, Arkansas.

Collection Title: Sebastian County ballot

This collection contains a ballot for the Upper Township of Sebastian County from 1908. A handwritten note explains that blacks voted heavily in the election.

Collection Title: Secretary of State - Elections Division Records
Dates: 2002-2006

Records consists of reports required by the Arkansas Secretary of State for campaign contributions, expenditures, and carryover funds of state and district candidates for 2002 - 2006.
Secretary of State-Elections Division records, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas
Transferred by Secretary of State-Elections Division, Little Rock, Arkansas, 2016.

Collection Title: Seddon, James A. letter

This letter discusses the court proceedings against Captain Harman.

Collection Title: Sedgwick (Ark.) records
Dates: 1902-1905

The Sedgwick, Arkansas records collection consists of one ledger book with annotations of fees and payments regarding the timber trade in the area and one ledger book with 1904 entries for either sales of, or payments for, various goods and materials. The latter appears to be a commercial book of some sort, but is only identified as Sedgwick, AR rather than associated with a particular business.

Collection Title: "Seminary: The Undertold Story" grant progress report

Final grant report on "Seminary: The Undertold Story," from New Seminary African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church in Stephens, Ouachita County, Arkansas, and funded through the Curtis H. Sykes Memorial grant program, administered by the Black History Commission of Arkansas.
"Seminary: The Undertold Story," grant progress report, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock.
Donated by Glenn Glover, El Dorado, Arkansas 2016

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