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The Arkansas State Archives houses approximately 13,000 cubic feet of state records and manuscript collections pertaining to the history of Arkansas and its people. These materials have been described and inventoried for ease of access. These inventories, called finding aids, are keyword searchable. You may also browse these finding aids alphabetically using the links below. Click the collection's title to view the finding aid.

Separated Materials:  Some archival collections contain materials that have been stored separately from the bulk of the collection due to those items' preservation needs. Generally, this affects collections that include artifacts that have been moved to the archives' museum collection, and the existence of artifacts in a collection has been noted in that collection's finding aid. Due to the nature of artifact and other separated materials, we require researchers to fill out an Artifact Access Form and send it in to, to schedule an appointment to view artifacts from the museum collection.  

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Collection Title: T.A. Kendig and Company records
Dates: 1852-1857

This collection contains invoices of goods received and shipped by T.A. Kendig and Company of Napoleon, Arkansas. The invoices include the type, amount, and cost of the merchandises.

Collection Title: Taylor, Creed letter

This letter written by Creed Taylor explains his support of secession to his brother Samuel.

Collection Title: Taylor, John L. letter

This letter requests E.M. Williams to collect an account owed by W.C. Crawford of Brownsville, Arkansas. The letter is written on the back of a advertisement flyer for Taylor and McEwen, Wholesale and Retail Dealers, owned by John L. Taylor and T.B. McEwen of Memphis, Tennessee.

Collection Title: Taylor, John W. papers
Dates: 1861-1903

This collection contains correspondence of Confederate soldier John W. Taylor, a petition, and an affidavit. Locations mentioned are Mississippi, Tennessee, Florida, and Louisiana. Also mentioned are Mary E. Robinson and James H. McName.

Collection Title: Taylor, J.W.J. papers

This collection contains papers concerning the Civil War service of J.W.J. Taylor from the 3rd Arkansas Infantry.

Collection Title: Tebbetts, Jonas M. papers
Dates: 1850-1867

This collection contains correspondence, and legal and financial papers of Jonas March Tebbetts.

Collection Title: Telegraphic: Secession Message

This broadside quotes a telegram received in Van Buren on February 10, 1861, concerning the new Confederate government. It describes how this new government is being forced on everyday citizens with no electoral process.
Telegraphic: Secession Message, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas

Collection Title: Temple Sisterhood of Temple B'nai Israel records
Dates: 1867-1971

This collection contains correspondence, minutes, reports, bulletins, scrapbooks, and yearbooks.

Collection Title: Tennessee death records
Dates: 1908-1925

The Tennessee death records from 1908-1912 are arranged by certificate number and may include the name of the deceased, county, year of death, age, occupation, place of birth, and cause of death.
The partial index to Tennessee death records, 1914-1925, covers only thirty-eight counties in Tennessee. While it does not include children under age two, the index lists name of deceased, county of death, death date, and the certificate's volume and page number.
The Tennessee death records 1914-1925 can contain name of the deceased, age, death place, death date, gender, birthdate, birthplace, parents' names and birthplaces, occupation, cause of death, and date and place of burial. A complete index to these records is available at

Collection Title: Tennessee land grants index
Dates: 1770-1900

This card index covers Tennessee land grants for 1770-1900 and indicates the land office which issued each grant.

Collection Title: Terral, Tom J. Papers

This collection consists of the gubernatorial papers of Tom J. Terral, governor of Arkansas from 1925 to 1927.

Collection Title: Terror at Black Falls movie memorabilia collection
Dates: 1914-2009

The collection contains photographs of the Terror at Black Falls movie site at Scotland, Arkansas, and more recent photographs of House Peters, Jr. and Gary Gray returning to the community for visits. Promotional materials for Terror at Black Falls and other films House Peters, Jr. starred in are included. The collection contains copies of the film in DVD and VHS formats. Also included are photocopied newspaper clippings concerning House Peters, Jr.’s career, photocopied glamour shots and movie stills of House Peters, Sr. and House Peters, Jr., and correspondence between Mary Jean Hall and House Peters, Jr. and Gary Gray. An original copy of the script for Ordeal at Dry Red was given to Mary Jean Hall by House Peters, Jr. His autobiography “Another Side of Hollywood” is part of the collection.

Collection Title: Terry, W.L. papers
Dates: 1885-1905

This collection contains correspondence, contracts, promissory notes, and published material.

Collection Title: Texas death records index
Dates: 1903-1940

This index lists individuals who died in the state of Texas from 1903-1940, as well as a few from years prior to 1903. Information includes name of deceased, death county, death date, death certificate number, gender, and marital status. Some entries do not provide all of this information.

Collection Title: Texas tax records
Dates: 1838-1910

These tax records are listed by letter of surname and provide information on the amount of land and personal property owned.

Collection Title: Thacher, Silvester collection
Dates: 1863-1885

This collection contains correspondence, an account book, and a newspaper related to Silvester Thacher.

Collection Title: Thanet, Octave note

This note by Alice French quotes her book "Knitters in the Sun." The note was written in Davenport, Iowa, and signed, Octave Thanet.

Collection Title: Thanksgiving Day proclamations
Dates: 1877-1882

This collection contains Thanksgiving Day proclamations by governors of the State of Arkansas.

Collection Title: Thirty-fifth Parallel Railroad Company act

This Texas Act granted right-of-way in Texas to the Thirty-fifth Parallel Railroad Company. In 1870, the railroad company extended its railroad and telegraph lines into the north-western part of Texas, from Arkansas and Indian Territory. This collection contains a hand written copy of the Texas Act signed by James Newcomb, the Secretary of State for Texas from 1870-1874.

Collection Title: Thomas Harding Architect papers
Dates: 1940-1951

This collection contains correspondence, receipts, and other business documents related to the Thomas Harding Architect architectural firm.

Collection Title: Thomas-Jones family papers
Dates: 1868-1942

This collection consists of deed and tax records, cards, and legal documents of the Jones and Thomas families of White County, Arkansas.

Collection Title: Thomas, Sr., Herbert L. papers
Dates: 1925-1982

This collection contains records pertaining to First Pyramid Life Insurance Company, Eden Isle, Red Apple Inn, Citizens Bank of Booneville, and City National Bank of Fort Smith, as well as personal papers.

Collection Title: Thompson, Albessie VHS collection

This collection contains VHS tapes taken in the mid-1990s of Twin Groves, Arkansas, residents, residents of the towns formerly known as Solomon Grove and Zion Grove, and local historians discussing genealogy and family history of black families in Faulkner County, Arkansas.
Twin Groves is a town located in northwestern Faulkner County, Arkansas. The town incorporated in 1991, formed from Solomon Grove and Zion Grove, two small communities founded and populated by free blacks. This area is largely populated by descendants of Mary Thompson and Hester Agnew Jiles, former slaves who migrated from South Carolina to Arkansas following Emancipation. These two women were prominent figures in the development of the area now known as Twin Groves, Arkansas. Albessie Thompson, a descendant of both Mary Thompson and Hester Agnew Jiles and a native of Twin Groves, helped to establish the Twin Groves Cultural Center, which opened in 2009.
Thompson, Albessie VHS collection, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.
Albessie Thompson, Little Rock, Arkansas, 2016

Collection Title: Thompson, Calvin M. receipt

On September 8, 1858, Calvin M. Thompson of Van Buren bought two squares of advertising for "valuable Arkansas river bottom lands," for three months at $8.50. This receipt is from Christopher Danley & W.F. Holtzman, owners of the State Gazette and Democrat, to Calvin Thompson.

Collection Title: Thompson, C.M. amnesty oath

This amnesty oath was signed by ex-Confederate soldier, C.M. Thompson.

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