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Arkansas State Archives Announces New Collection

May 07, 2019
The Arkansas State Archives, along with the Department of Arkansas Heritage, is pleased to announce the acquisition of important documents from the family of Dr. John L. Ferguson, who was the longest-serving state historian and director of the Arkansas History Commission (now the Arkansas State Archives) from 1960 to 2005.

State’s Second Deadliest Tornado Hit Fort Smith in 1898

May 16, 2019
Photo of wreckage from the 1898 tornado in Fort Smith,courtesy of the Arkansas State Archives.Arkansas has a long history of natural disasters, including tornadoes. One of Arkansas’s most destructive tornadoes hit Fort Smith on Jan. 11, 1898.The first few weeks of January in Fort Smith had been unus
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Wednesday’s Wonderful Collection - Millar-Mauney papers, SMC.0004.0007

May 15, 2019
Millard M. Mauney owned forty acres of diamond-bearing land outside Murfreesboro, Arkansas, and refused offers to sell after the first diamonds were discovered in 1906 on an adjoining property. He sold thirty acres to Horace Bemis, leasing the remaining ten acres to the Kimberlite Company, consistin
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Wednesday’s Wonderful Collection - John Henry Roberson and family papers, MG.00469

May 08, 2019
John Henry Roberson was known to baseball fans as "Rube Robinson." Roberson was born August 16, 1889 in Floyd, White County, Arkansas. He was labeled "Rube Robinson" by the press. According to the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame, "His baseball career as a pitcher covered 22 years. He signed his first p
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Impassioned Speech Led to African American Voting Rights

May 06, 2019
Photo of Mr. William H. Grey, courtesy ofthe Persistence of the Spirit Collectionat the Arkansas State Archives.At the end of the Civil War, the nation was confronted with the question of how to readmit Southern states into the Union. This long process of answering that question and reintegrating th
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