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    AHC Receives Grant from Arkansas Natural and Cultural Resources Council



    May 28, 2015

    Little Rock - The Arkansas History Commission and State Archives has been awarded a $216,000 grant from the Arkansas Natural and Cultural Resources Council. The grant will support the funding of numerous projects with the History Commission’s microphotography department and the agency’s two branch archives.

    In recent years, the History Commission’s general revenue hasn’t been sufficient to keep up with microfilming the large number of newspapers the agency receives. This grant will allow the microphotography department to catch up on the backlog of filming and duplication.

    The grant also will allow for the purchase of new equipment for the History Commission’s regional branches, the Northeast Arkansas Regional Archives (NEARA) and the Southwest Arkansas Regional Archives (SARA). Additionally, the grant will make possible the placement of complete sets of regional newspaper microfilm collections at both regional branches.

    Dr. Lisa Speer, director of the History Commission said, “Newspapers are the backbone of many types of historical research. Having these regional newspapers available at both NEARA and SARA would be valuable to a range of researchers, including genealogists, academics, students, journalists, and many others.”

    The Arkansas History Commission and State Archives, located in Little Rock, is the official state archives of Arkansas and maintains the largest collection of historical materials on Arkansas in the world. The Northeast Arkansas Regional Archives and Southwest Arkansas Regional Archives are resource centers for historical research, dedicated to the purpose of collecting and preserving primary source materials that bring together the unique history, culture, and heritage of their regions.