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The Arkansas State Archives houses approximately 13,000 cubic feet of state records and manuscript collections pertaining to the history of Arkansas and its people. These materials have been described and inventoried for ease of access. These inventories, called finding aids, are keyword searchable. You may also browse these finding aids alphabetically using the links below. Click the collection's title to view the finding aid.

Separated Materials:  Some archival collections contain materials that have been stored separately from the bulk of the collection due to those items' preservation needs. Generally, this affects collections that include artifacts that have been moved to the archives' museum collection, and the existence of artifacts in a collection has been noted in that collection's finding aid. Due to the nature of artifact and other separated materials, we require researchers to fill out an Artifact Access Form and send it in to, to schedule an appointment to view artifacts from the museum collection.  

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Collection Title: Eagle, James P. and William M. Fishback letters
Dates: 1892-1893

This collection contains a letterbook of letters received by James P. Eagle and William M. Fishback between 1892-1893.

Collection Title: Eagle, James P. letters
Dates: 1889-1891

This collection contains four letterbooks of outgoing correspondence by Governor James P. Eagle between 1889-1891.

Collection Title: Eagle/Oldham papers
Dates: 1851-1975

This collection contains campaign materials, correspondence for James P. Eagle, Lillian Oldham Wills, William Kavanaugh Oldham, Mary Kavanaugh Eagle Oldham, and other family members, financial materials including ledger books, land documents for Union County (Ark.), military materials, personal materials, printed and typed ephemera, school and college materials, and handwritten and typed stories about the African American community on the Eagle Plantation.

Collection Title: Early Arkansas Doctors biographical information
Dates: 1818-1958

The Arkansas Medical Society’s Women’s Auxiliary was propositioned by two organizations, the American Medical Association and the Arkansas Medical Society, to compile historical information on the pioneer doctors of Arkansas for publication in the Arkansas State Medical Journal. A biographical committee was formed to work on gathering information county by county. By 1950, twenty-five counties were completed or close to completion. This collection contains: biographical information on Dr. Joseph Bailey, Dr. William R. Bathurst, Dr. William Armour Cantrell, and Dr. Jesse Samuel Rinehart; a progress report of different counties working on the biographs; correspondence; and one page of the 1953 Arkansas Medical Society November issue.

Collection Title: "Early Catheys and Ulster Scots" by Cathey, Everett Henry

This collection contains volume one and two of the publication, “The Story of Early Catheys and Ulster Scots: History and Genealogy Based on DNA,” by E.H. Henry Cathey, a digital copy of both volumes, and loose copies of the maps from inside the books. These books detail different aspects of colonial history of mainstream Scots-Irish people by following the Cathey family through their everyday experiences in the social and cultural life of an American Scots-Irish family. These books also contain the DNA report of four male Catheys in order to better trace the family line; sketches and maps of locations in Scotland, Ireland, and locations in the United States where the family settled; and military backgrounds for members of the Cathey family.

Collection Title: Early history of Little Rock and Arkansas collection
Dates: 1855-1876

This collection contains plats surveyed and signed by Henry M. Rector, a circa 1874 map of Little Rock, a pamphlet on Arkansas's finances, and a newsclipping on the Wentforth claim to Little Rock, Arkansas.

Collection Title: Easley, William B. letter

This collection contains correspondence from William B. Easley to N.W. Callicoat, discussing the final settlement of the Blythe McKorkle estate.

Collection Title: Eclectic Society and Lotus Club records
Dates: 1877-1923

This collection consists of presentations, attendance records, and check stubs from the Eclectic Society and Lotus Club, Little Rock, Arkansas, dating from 1877-1923.

Collection Title: Edwards, Thomas J. ledger
Dates: 1877-1878

This ledger contains the accounts of Thomas Jefferson Edwards. The ledger includes his financial and estate records.

Collection Title: Eisenmeyer, Walter G. envelope

This collection contains one envelope with the Eisenmeyer Company address and the signature of Walter G. Eisenmeyer.

Collection Title: Eison, Frederic J. papers
Dates: 1855-1952

This collection contains personal and military correspondence, military certificates, newspapers, and books.

Collection Title: El Dorado 5th Annual Juneteenth Festival grant project report

Final grant report and two DVDs from the El Dorado, Arkansas, 5th Annual Juneteenth Festival, 2015. The festival organizers received a grant from the Curtis H. Sykes Memorial grant program, administered by the Black History Commission of Arkansas.
El Dorado 5th Annual Juneteenth Festival grant project report, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.
Donated by Benito Glosson, El Dorado, Arkansas 2016.

Collection Title: El Dorado [AR] Police Court docket ledgers
Dates: 1921-1923

This collection contains two police court dockets from El Dorado, Arkansas, from 1921-1923. Police dockets are official summaries of court proceeding on legal cases. Prohibition was in full effect in Arkansas between 1921-1923, and these police dockets include many cases involving alcohol.

Collection Title: El Dorado Pan Hellenic Association records
Dates: 1925-1946

This collection contains correspondence, loan forms, cancelled checks, receipts, account records, and other miscellaneous items.

Collection Title: Eldridge, Sarah E. probate record

This probate record appoints James Eldridge, husband of Sarah E. (Mosely) Eldridge, as legal guardian of Mary, John, and Margaret Mosely.

Collection Title: Election registrars' rules

This document details duties and powers of registrars during the Reconstruction era. It also states specifics reasons those who served in the Confederate military or were proven Confederate sympathizers did not qualify to vote.

Collection Title: Eller-Royston deed

This deed for land in Pulaski County, Arkansas, is from 1836.

Collection Title: Ellison, Joan collection
Dates: 1904-1955

This collection contains materials collected by Joan Ellison, including a bumper sticker, two programs, and one photograph related to various locations around Arkansas.

Collection Title: Ellis, Robert collection
Dates: 1840-1871

This collection contains business correspondence from Leavens, Malone, and Company and Hellen, Moog, and Company from Mobile, Alabama. One issue of the ‘Merchant's Exchange Prices-Current’ produced by the Hellen, Moog, and Company detailing the prices of planters, exports, stocks, produce, and a list of vessels that port in Mobile.

Collection Title: Emmerson, J.J., Washington County, Arkansas appointment

This collection contains the appointment of J.J. Emmerson as beneficiary to Arkansas Industrial University, by H.P. Greene, County and Probate Judge of Washington County, Arkansas on April 1, 1890.

Collection Title: Emmet, Arkansas, Methodist Church records
Dates: 1855-2008

This collection contains a church history and church register.

Collection Title: English, Elbert H. papers
Dates: 1849-1855

This collection contains a speech delivered by English to Wister Star Lodge Number 2 and his commission for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court signed by Governor Elias N. Conway.

Collection Title: Eno, Clara B. manuscript "Arkansas Historic Spots"

This collection contains the unpublished manuscript of Eno's "Arkansas Historic Spots," written as the chairman for Locating and Marking Historic Spots for the United Daughters of the Confederacy. This manuscript lists historic places throughout Arkansas’ territory time period and statehood.

Collection Title: Eno, Clara letters
Dates: 1932-1934

This collection holds two letters to Clara Eno, both pertaining to her work with the Daughters of the American Revolution in Arkansas. On the back of the June 11, 1932 letter are handwritten notes about historic places in Crawford County. The Memphis Library Conference was held on October 17-20, 1934 and this collection contains a handout that describes the seminars being held at that conference.
Clara Bertha Eno was born February 14, 1854, in Van Buren, Arkansas, to Jonathan Adams and Ellen Ward Eno. After her father's death during the Civil War, Clara and her mother moved to New England, where Clara attended the Morris Institute in New Jersey. She returned to Arkansas and began her 30-year teaching career in 1876. She was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, United Daughters of the Confederacy, and the Arkansas Federation of Women's Clubs. In 1905, she became vice-president of the Arkansas Historical Association and helped Dr. John Hugh Reynolds draft legislation establishing the Arkansas History Commission. In 1909, she was appointed to the Arkansas History Commission, where she served until her death in 1951. Eno also served as an associate editor for the Arkansas Historical Quarterly for many years. She published three books: History of the Arkansas Federation of Women's Clubs 1897-1934 (1935), Historic Places in Arkansas (1940), and History of Crawford County, Arkansas (1950). Eno died August 2, 1951, in Van Buren and is buried at Fairview Cemetery.
Eno, Clara letters, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.

Collection Title: Epilogue to Horace Adams' manuscript, "The Seekers"

This collection contains the epilogue for the unpublished book "The Seekers," by Horace Adams. This manuscript is the story of Americans history from 1492-1750. The manuscript of "The Seekers" is housed at the Arkansas State Archives: see collection Adams, Horace manuscript: "The Seekers," MS.000025.

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