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The Arkansas State Archives houses approximately 13,000 cubic feet of state records and manuscript collections pertaining to the history of Arkansas and its people. These materials have been described and inventoried for ease of access. These inventories, called finding aids, are keyword searchable. You may also browse these finding aids alphabetically using the links below. Click the collection's title to view the finding aid.

Separated Materials:  Some archival collections contain materials that have been stored separately from the bulk of the collection due to those items' preservation needs. Generally, this affects collections that include artifacts that have been moved to the archives' museum collection, and the existence of artifacts in a collection has been noted in that collection's finding aid. Due to the nature of artifact and other separated materials, we require researchers to fill out an Artifact Access Form and send it in to, to schedule an appointment to view artifacts from the museum collection.  

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Collection Title: Page Mortuary records
Dates: 1950-1970

This collection contains death records and burial transit permits, 1950-1970.

Collection Title: Palmer, Edward papers
Dates: 1881-1884

This collection contains the field notes of archeologist, ethnobotanist, and botanist, Edward Palmer, who visited Arkansas in the 1880s. These notes encompass locations of different mounds, lists of artifacts and skeletal remains found in the mounds and their descriptions, who owned the property at the time of excavation, and hypotheses on the usage of the mounds. Palmer describes the local communities that he comes in connect with throughout Arkansas, including the treatment and behavior of black Arkansan. Palmer briefly mentions the Chinese-Americans that were living in Arkansas in the 1880s. One photocopy sketch of Native mounds from the twelfth annual report to the Bureau of Ethnology.

Collection Title: Parnell, Harvey papers
Dates: 1928 - 1933

This collection contains materials and information regarding accounting, agricultural records, banking, financial reports, communication about taxes, correspondence with organizations, correspondence with Arkansans, mining materials, various government commissions, Acts and pending bills, bonds, campaign information, confederate home and pension records, the cotton industry, drought relief, education, schools, criminal and institutional information, election correspondence, warrants, extradition warrants, flood control, personal correspondence, highways department and interstate, legal papers, legislative materials, medical reports, state hospital materials, pensions, and governmental offices.

Collection Title: Parnell, Harvey papers supplement
Dates: 1928-1931

This collection contains correspondence from 1928-1931. Subjects include education, drought relief, banking, conservation, and Cummins State Prison Farm.

Collection Title: Parrott family correspondence
Dates: 1827-1874

This collection contains the correspondence of the Parrott family and includes letters written by James Parrott from the military prison in Little Rock during the Civil War.

Collection Title: Parsley, C.G. statement

This statement to C.G. Parsley is from the Fort Smith, Arkansas, business of Taylor and Powell.

Collection Title: Parsley, S.G. accounts list

This list was created by S.G. Parsley in the early 1900s.

Collection Title: Parsons, Homer Lee papers
Dates: 1862-1865

This collection contains correspondence, military records, general and special orders, muster rolls, and an oath of allegiance. Places mentioned are Columbus, Mississippi; Jefferson County, Camden, Tulip, and Washington, Arkansas; and Dallas County, Texas.

Collection Title: Paschal, George W. letter

This letter written by George W. Paschal concerns land he owned in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Collection Title: Paschal, George W. letterbook
Dates: 1838-1839

This collection contains the letterbook of George W. Paschal.

Collection Title: Passenger lists and ship manifests
Dates: 1820-1899

The passenger lists index cards are arranged alphabetically. The slave manifests are in order by date of arrival or departure.

Collection Title: Patman, W.C., justice of the peace docket book and store ledger
Dates: 1914-1932

This collection consists of one store ledger and one justice of the peace docket book.

Collection Title: Patten, Otis papers
Dates: 1852-1902

The Otis Patten papers contain letterbooks, loose correspondence, legal papers, and published materials related to his tenure as the superintendent of the Arkansas School for the Blind from 1859 to 1885. It includes the annual reports of the board of trustees and materials that concern Mr. Patten's forced resignation from the office of superintendent in 1885.

Collection Title: Patterson, John letters
Dates: 1862-1927

This collection contains letters written by John Patterson to his wife, Sarah Patterson, while he was a Union soldier. Additional letters written to John and Robert Patterson are included. John Patterson writes to his wife about his experiences as he travels throughout southwestern Missouri, northwestern and central Arkansas, and Indian Territory during the Civil War. The last item in the collection is an undated note from Effie Combs, a charter member of the Little Rock Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, to a Mrs. Newton.

Collection Title: Pattillo family papers
Dates: 1849-1922

This collection contains correspondence, deeds, a bill of sale, and a will belonging to the Pattillo family of Arkansas.

Collection Title: Patton, William F. letter

This collection contains a xerox copy of a letter written in 1863 about camp life in Camden, Arkansas. Also included is a copy of an excerpt about Isaac Rice from Goodspeed's "Northwest Arkansas" history.

Collection Title: Pearce, Nicholas B. papers

This collection contains a copy of a letter written by Nicholas B. Pearce and a manuscript about his Civil War days.

Collection Title: Peay, Mollie notebook

This notebook includes a journal, class notes, and poems written by Mollie Peay while she attended Patapsco Institute in 1872.

Collection Title: Penzel, Charles F. papers

This collection contains photocopies of correspondence, financial papers, family history, writings, and other items related to the Charles F. Penzel family.

Collection Title: The Peoples Drug Store advertisement, Stuttgart, Arkansas

This collection contains one advertising blotter for The Peoples Drug Store in Stuttgart, Arkansas, and Whittemore's shoe polish.

Collection Title: Perkins, William K. papers
Dates: 1851-1860

This collection contains correspondence, receipts, surety bonds, sworn statements, accounts due, and legal documents relating to William K. Perkins and his 1854-1860 career as constable of Boon/Boone Township, Scott County (now Logan County), Arkansas.

Collection Title: Pernot Drug Store account book

This account book is from the Pernot Drug Store in Van Buren, Arkansas.

Collection Title: Perrin family papers
Dates: 1926-1983

This collection contains records primarily from Chloe Justus and Henley Anthony "Tony" Perrin. The majority of the collection is school records: report cards, commencement ephemera, and certificates. There are also Cub Scout cards, a photograph, and a teacher's contract.

Collection Title: Perryville High School records
Dates: 1939-2001

This collection contains yearbooks of Perryville High School, 1939-2001, and a fiftieth anniversary booklet of the class of 1950 with class members' autobiographies.

Collection Title: Petray (Clift), Agnes elementary school diploma, England, Arkansas

Mary Agnes Petray (Clift) was born on March 2, 1907 in London, Pope County, Arkansas to William Henry and Pearl Tow Petray. She married James Carl Clift in Gifford, Arkansas on December 16, 1928. They were married for fifty-nine years and raised seven children in Malvern, Arkansas. This collection contains one elementary school diploma from England Elementary School in Lonoke County, Arkansas. It was awarded to Mary Agnes Petray on June 3, 1921 and permitted her entry into Junior High. Mary passed away on May 1, 2001 in Malvern and is buried at Francois Cemetery, Hot Spring County, Arkansas.
Donated by Lisa Speer, Arkansas, 2017.
Petray (Clift), Agnes elementary school diploma, England, Arkansas, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.

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