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The Arkansas State Archives houses approximately 13,000 cubic feet of state records and manuscript collections pertaining to the history of Arkansas and its people. These materials have been described and inventoried for ease of access. These inventories, called finding aids, are keyword searchable. You may also browse these finding aids alphabetically using the links below. Click the collection's title to view the finding aid.

Separated Materials:  Some archival collections contain materials that have been stored separately from the bulk of the collection due to those items' preservation needs. Generally, this affects collections that include artifacts that have been moved to the archives' museum collection, and the existence of artifacts in a collection has been noted in that collection's finding aid. Due to the nature of artifact and other separated materials, we require researchers to fill out an Artifact Access Form and send it in to, to schedule an appointment to view artifacts from the museum collection.  

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Collection Title: Rabb swamp land certificates
Dates: 1859-1860

This collection contains three certificates for payments due to Mrs. H.A. Rabb for having levees built in the Helena Swamp Land District, Phillips County.

Collection Title: Ragsdale, Robert papers
Dates: 1918-1930

Robert Arthur Ragsdale was born in Polk County, Arkansas, on May 28, 1884, to Lewis and Alleen Ragsdale. He served as a Seaman Second Class in the United States Navy during World War I until his discharge on December 2, 1918. Robert was stationed in Newport News, Virginia, with the Intelligence section of the Fifth Naval District. He traveled between Newport News and Norfolk during the influenza epidemic of 1918. The state of Virginia estimated 200,000 cases of influenza by October 15, 1918, and a number of those cases were sailors traveling the coast line. Robert was one of those sailors that contracted the flu in Newport News. This collection contains material related to Ragsdale’s military service and a typed account of his personal struggle with influenza while on duty in Virginia.
Donated by Nancy Ragsdale Gilien and Anna Ragsdale Gentile, 2015.

Collection Title: Ragsdale, Thomas D. papers
Dates: 1830-1887

This collection contains correspondence, receipts, promissory notes, deeds, and statements.

Collection Title: Ralph Bunche Neighborhood Association grant report and supplementary materials
Dates: 2016

Final grant report from the Ralph Bunche Neighborhood Association, Benton, Saline County, Arkansas. The association received a Curtis H. Sykes Memorial grant in 2015 from the Black History Commission of Arkansas to erect an historical marker in honor of Bunche, the first African American to be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize (1950).
Ralph Bunche Neighborhood Association grant project report, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas
Donated by the Ralph Bunche Neighborhood Association, 2016.

Collection Title: Randolph County (Ark.) records

The Randolph County ledger book contains written records of the court cases heard by the Justice of the Peace, John A. Rogers, in DeMun Township of Randolph County for the years 1932 through 1935.

Collection Title: Raney, Ben D. records

This collection contains one ledger book, recording various accounts and merchandise purchased for the years of 1867-1871.

Collection Title: Raney family papers
Dates: 1841-1983

This collection consists of three Raney family Bibles, personal papers of W.H. Raney, three postcards, and five volumes of the "Rainey Times" publication from the early 1980s.

Collection Title: Real Estate Bank of Arkansas and State Bank of Arkansas receipts
Dates: 1857-1860

This collection contains receipts related to the closure of the Real Estate Bank of Arkansas and the State Bank of Arkansas, and cancellation of bonds and coupons.

Collection Title: Real Estate Bank of Arkansas and State Bank of Arkansas records
Dates: 1838-1855

This collection includes ledgers and other financial records of the Real Estate Bank of Arkansas at each of its locations. Four items from the State Bank of Arkansas are included as well.

Collection Title: Real Estate Bank stock certificate

This stock certificate was issued to Reubin Smith for shares in the Real Estate Bank of the State of Arkansas.

Collection Title: Reardon, Lambert land grant

This collection contains one land grant from 1839, signed President Martin Van Buren.

Collection Title: "A receipt for the dropsy"

This collection contains a recipe for the treatment of the medical condition "dropsy." The prescription was given by John Smith to Mrs. Heath.

Collection Title: Reconstruction era newsclippings
Dates: 1867-1870

These newsclippings describe Reconstruction era events relevant to Arkansas.

Collection Title: Rector-Alcorn scrapbook
Dates: 1828-1914

This scrapbook contains materials of the Rector and Alcorn families. Extraneous items include letters and printed materials, some pertaining to the Civil War. One of the letters includes a statement by James Alcorn of the occupation of Helena, Arkansas, by Union troops in 1862. The scrapbook's contents are in random order, and include documents and newspaper articles.

Collection Title: Rector, Elias letter

This collection contains one letter written by Elias Conway, when he was a United States Marshal, concerning the 1840 federal census.

Collection Title: Rector, Henry Massie family papers
Dates: 1819-1975

This collection contains letters, wills, claims, deeds, contracts, financial statements, invoices, receipts, and memorabilia belonging to Henry Massie Rector, his children and grandchildren.

Collection Title: Rector, Henry M. letters
Dates: 1844-1857

This collection contains letters regarding land surveys, including several written to and by Henry M. Rector.

Collection Title: Rector, K.W. papers
Dates: 1853-1917

This collection contains journals and diaries kept by K.W. Rector and members of the Rector and Bigham families. It also contains deeds and United States land grants from members of the families and other residents of the Izard County area during the 1850s.

Collection Title: Red River Raft drawing

This collection contains a rough sketch of the section of the Red River with the Great Raft.

Collection Title: Reeves, W.E. letter

This letter written by W.E. Reeves to his wife and father describes life as a Confederate soldier in the Civil War.

Collection Title: Refeld family papers
Dates: 1793-1902

This collection contains correspondence, financial records, and legal documents, which date from 1793 to 1902, and reflect medical, financial, educational, and social conditions in Arkansas.

Collection Title: Refeld family papers supplement
Dates: 1793-1939

This collection contains correspondence, legal documents, financial documents, and miscellaneous items. Some of the early correspondence is in French. The legal documents contain an "extract" of a Baptism from 1793, written in French.

Collection Title: Refined Products [El Dorado, AR high school publication]

This collection holds one issue of Refined Products, a publication of El Dorado High School in Arkansas. The publication contains images of the three major schools in El Dorado (Smith Avenue Grammar School, West Avenue Grammar and High School), faculty, students, and clubs.

Collection Title: Regan/Reagan family letters
Dates: 1865-1887

This collection contains copies of letters of the Regan/Reagan family of Louisiana and Arkansas.

Collection Title: Regulator Pocket Book

This Regulator Pocket Book contains records of payments from J.P. Durden in 1895.

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