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Through a partnership with the Arkansas Humanities Council, the Arkansas State Archives has created lesson plans to aid Arkansas educators in teaching our state’s history.  The state archives houses a vast array of primary source materials documenting the story of our state, all freely available to the public.  Using this collection of historical documents and images, the State Archives staff has created these lesson plans, digitized and made them available online through our digital collections site.  They are free to download.  The primary source materials referenced in the lesson plans are also on our digital collections site and are linked in the lesson plans themselves.  Each image or document is also free to download or print, as needed.

Changing Rights in a Time of Turmoil:
A Comparison of the Changing Rights and Racial Tension at the Beginning of Reconstruction with Other Civil Rights Struggles

“Dear Governor Parnell, We haven’t anything to eat”
Poverty and Early Aid Efforts during the Great Depression in Arkansas

“Beyond the Pale of the Civilized World”
Understanding Social and Geographical Factors that Affect Settlement

“Born a Good While Before Freedom”
Using Oral Histories to Understand the Experience of American Slaves in the 19th Century

Symbols of Statehood
A Lesson Plan on the 1912 Arkansas State Flag Competition

"A Question of Momentous Consideration is Now Being Agitated in this Territory"
Arkansas Territory and the Fight for Statehood

"Put Into Her Hand this Weapon... 'tis the Ballot Box"
The Women's Suffrage Movement in Arkansas and the Life of the Nation

"A War Was Raging 15 Feet above Our Heads"
Arkansas during the First World War

Roots of Traditional Arkansas Foods 1686-1865
A Lesson Plan on the origins of Arkansas Foodways

"The Advance Guard of Civilization"
The Impact of Railroad Development on the History and Economy of Arkansas and the Nation

"Arkansas's Folk Heroes: Stories in Song"
Arkansas's Folk Music Pioneers, and the Characteristics, Significance, and Historical Context of their Music

"With All Deliberate Speed"
The Context, Struggles, Impact and Lasting Legacy of the Desegregation of Arkansas Schools

"I Said Goodbye to my German Fatherland... To Seek my Fortune in America"
The Stories, Challenges, and Impact of German Immigration and Culture on Arkansas